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Sick Kids


We weathered through the 105 degree heat wave and found a lot of creative, if not borderline redneck, ways to keep cool since the AC went out. In short we put in a window ac unit, three box fans, two small fans, and went swimming a lot. Not ideal by any means but sometimes you just have to roll with it. Hopefully next week we can get the one of my husband’s clients, whose company deal with this sort of stuff, to look at it and tell us if fixing is even possible. The big issue we keep running into is that the unit is so old and they don’t make the exact parts anymore, which in turn makes it more difficult. A new one will cost us about $600 so we’ll just have to see which way fate takes us. At least we are back down into the 80’s and low 90’s for the moment, although some heavy rain would be wonderful.

The triplet’s allergies went into high gear though after the big temp drop and rain storm which has been rough. Running noses, bad congestion, fevers, coughing, and difficulty sleeping. The simple allergies have grown into head colds… in the middle of summer! Criton though is the worst by far. He is just completely miserable, not sleeping well at all, and ended up crawling into bed with us last couple of nights kicking Dad to the couch. I fear if he doesn’t start on the road to recovery in the next day or so, we will have to make a doctor’s visit. I honestly don’t know what would be worse for him… dealing with being this sick or going to the doctor’s. It is no exaggeration when I say that the kids cry and scream from the moment they take us back to the room until the moment we walk out the door. They only do it with this doctor though. Our first pediatrician in Indy was great and the kids cried a little during exams but that was it. I have never liked their current doctor but there very few in town that take multiples, so we have been kinda stuck with him for now.

Anyway, even while writing this during their nap time I have had to stop and cuddle Criton back down twice. The second time I just brought him out with me. So now he is cuddled in our big fluffy throw blanket sleeping next to me. They are so cute and precious when they sleep.

Regardless of the issues we have run across, we still love living in the RV. There are still adjustments and reorganizing that we have been doing but that is with any place when you first move in. We have had the pleasure of meeting all sorts of different people, exploring new areas, and the children continue to grow and learn new things all the time.

Like our first night here at our new camp ground. The kids were playing at the little park, it was around dusk, and when we looked up we saw a whole swarm of bats flying around. There had to be at least 20. The kids got super excited, we talked about what they were, that they were eating insects, and watched them swooping around. Criton recognized them from his mammal book right away but the girls kept wanting to call them birds lol.

This week big sister is coming over and we are planning on exploring the park, the museum here, and hopefully seeing some new wildlife. I think everyone is looking forward to it, I just hope Criton is feeling better so we can all go. If not, him and I will stay at the RV while the others go.