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Internet on the Go

Whether your full time RVing, travel around for work, or just want reliable internet whever you go, this is the solution for you.

Autonet allows you to connect to the interent using any WI-FI-enabled device. Up to 20 people can connect to it within 150 ft of the vehicle (or device), unlike many mobile devices that only let you connect one device at a time. That doesn’t work well if you have two adults working on the internet or if you have kids. It also connects and plays console/ hand held game devices.

Their plans go from $29 a month to $60 a month depending on how much usage you need.

Many full time RV people have told us they switched to Autonet because they say they get the best coverage, it works while the vehicle is in motion, and the customer service people are super helpful. The price is very comparable and even cheaper then other companies who don’t even come close to the Autonet coverage.

If you are looking for internet on the go I would reccomend checking out Autonet.