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Catching Up

Wow, I have so much to catch everyone up on!

The kids are now officially 2 years old. We ended up doing a small party with just us and the grandparents this year. Dad took the day off to stay home with us, we took the kids to Acros (a gym that my MoMs group sets up play-dates there once a month), ate lunch out, and then had their party after their nap. They had a great time 🙂

Hopefully I will be posting lots of pictures and some videos this week that will cover the last two months. The kids have certainly changed. Their speech is really starting to take off. Caitlin is a huge talker and seems to gains a new word every minute. Criton started off slow but he is starting to gain some momentum on her. Haley, my sweet very patient, very quite child. It does not surprise me that she goes through phases like this. She is learning a lot of new words as well, but doesn’t talk a lot like the other two. When she does have something to say though, watch out, because she is a firecracker! We are encouraging her and trying to make a little more one on one time with her to get her to use more words.

They have all become book fanatics over the last month. It seems like someone always has a book in hand at any given time. We have been spending a good protion of the day sitting in a circle on the floor looking through various books, pointing out charecters (Pooh books), animals, the sounds they make, and are working on more colors now. I am thrilled they are so into the books. Both Michael and I are huge bookworms and I plan to help foster that mentality in them as well.

They are little daredevils at the core. Jumping off things is there new thrill. They jump off the couch, they jump off the chairs, they jump off the big bins that hold their Lego’s. Sometimes they jump straight to the floor, other times they get every stuffed animal and pillow they can round up, pile them up, and jump into that. Last night they piled everything up off to the side of the couch, climbed on the couch arm, and jumped into it from there. Michael joked we needed to get it on video so when they broke an arm we could show the ER doc what happened. I just laughed because kids do this kind of stuff. 

Naps are hit and miss now days. Sometimes they will go 3-4 days without a nap, and then take naps for several days. I have just gotten to the point that they go to their room between 12-2pm for “quiet time.” If they nap, wonderful, if not, then at least they have had some down time. I was so worried when they started bucking the nap, but then realized it is not so bad. They have gotten over the super cranky phase if they don’t. They will still have quiet time and mommy still gets a small break and get some other stuff done. So if you have multiples, and they decide they are bucking naps early on, don’t fret. You will get through it. Just keep your same nap schedule and let them have that down time away from all the outside stimuli. 

Now on to the big news… well big for me. We are going to try round 2 of potty training. As some of you will remember we tried once when the kids were around 18 months. We had very slow progression but there was always a little progress. Then they got hit with a bad stomach bug and I called it quits during that time. We tried to go back a couple of weeks later and they kids threw a fit so we didn’t even go there. Now that the kids have turned 2 we have decided to try again. They all pretty much hate getting their diapers changed and Caitlin proudly announced to me today (when I smelled something bad after picking her up) “I pooped!” She was beaming ear to ear when she announced it too. I will admit part of me is extremely nervous and worried about it. What if they all freak out again and start crying? What if the progress is as slow as last time? I know if they have a hissy fit, we just won’t go there and try again later. I also know that if we are making progress (even slow progress) and everyone is doing ok that I will continue. It’s just that anticipatory fear that is digging it’s heals into me.

So the plan is to start on Thurs. I have to find the bag that I stored all their underwear in (probably in the attic now), wash them and get my set up ready in the living room. I am making three big posters with their names on them so they can stick stickers on them when they have a success (this is a new tactic). Then I have to go get some “goodies” for when they do go, to help them along. My fears are still there, but I am trying to not think much about it until P-Day (potty day). As usual I will keep everyone posted on the drama lol.