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Triplets Running Wild

So much has been happening over the past month with the kids. Since taking away their pacifiers their speech has just been exploding. Caitlin has picked up the most words but she is also the one who is content cuddling up in your lap, talking. Haley and Criton are constantly on the move and it is hard to have those solid conversations.

They all have really gotten into books. The love when we all sit around on the floor and flip through different books. I try to point out and name all the different charecters and objects but with three it can be a challenge. Out of all of them though, Criton I think is going to be my bookworm. He loves to sit next to me a quietly flip through his books.

Haley is a huge climber and very dexterous. She climbs things I wouldn’t even consider possible, and does it with ease. Caitlin has gotten to the point where her over-cautious side is disappearing and now she is trying to be as daring as her siblings. The only problem though is she hasn’t developed their “thick skin” yet, so when she takes a tumble it is kinda dramatic.

I can not believe they are almost 2 years old! It simply boggles the imagination how time seems to stand still during the thick of the day, and fly by when you are looking back over the past year. I think we have decided to just keep their birthday simple and family again this year. I know soon I will have to share it with a hoard of kids, but not yet. 

Christmas has been especially difficult this year. The kids are right at an awkward age where it seems like they are either too little or too big for a lot of the ideas we’ve had for gifts. So we have decided to do things like cars, coloring stuff, dolls, more blocks, and things like that. We wanted to get them balance bikes because they love their riding toys (which really are too small now) but with winter just setting in we decided to wait until closer to spring. I am so excited to get them for the kids though. I really think they will love them.

I wanted to say Happy Holidays to all my readers out there! This year has brought a lot of changes to our family and this site. I hope you are enjoying them so far because there is a lot more to come very shortly. Stay safe and make some great memories with those you love 🙂