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2nd Year Molars: My Nightmare

The kids started getting teeth and teething early on. We had some little rough patches but never anything too bad. Well for the past month we have noticed the kids starting to get the second year molars. They were a little fussier with these but it is also harder for them to reach teethers and such back there too, so I wasn’t too concerned. Then the nightmare started…

Criton started waking up several times a week screaming bloody murder. They all have been great at self soothing if they wake up during the night but not now. His screaming literally wakes the whole house up, and the girls have tried to calm him but nothing helps unless I go in and lay down with them. 

I was baffled. We never had teething issues like this before so I started researching all other issues this might be: nightmares, night terrors, need for their night light again, too cold at night, and so on. Nothing really fit, and Michael was convinced it was teething issues. The nights we gave motrin he would sleep like a lamb. So I finally gave in to this school of thought yesterday.

So if you start having these issues, even if you never really had bad teethers before, consider the second year molars. For whatever reason, most people I have talked to say it was really rough when they were coming in. 

Some things that might help: Frozen wet wash cloths because they can get them back far enough. Use motrin at bedtime, every bedtime, during this. It will save you a lot of sleepless nights. Popsicles, ice cubes, and putting ice into their drinks/ sippies are also good ways of keeping them happy during the day. Some others suggestions given to me were: rub benadryl on their gums, frozen grapes during the day, and chewy tubes (a special teether that gets back to that part of the gums).