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Schedules for Infants and Toddlers


Schedules or routines can be difficult to figure out sometimes. Below you will find two sample schedule to help you get started. One is for those children taking three naps a day, typically this will be a schedule for a 4 month old to a 6-7 month old. The second schedule is for those who have gone to just one nap, typically this be a schedule for a 7 month old to 11-15 month old. 
These are just examples and you will have to modify them to fit your families lifestyle. I really recommend first figuring out what your ideal mealtimes are for your family and what you would like your child to finally get to once they are eating three meals a day. Once you have those times, then rework your schedule around that.
Schedule for 4 month to 6-7 month old child (three nap schedule)

7 up/bottle/play (Breakfast: 8:30am- baby food)
9 down for Nap
10 up/bottle/ play (Lunch: 11:30am-baby food)
12 down for nap
1 up/bottle/play
3 down for nap
4 up/bottle/ play
6 baby food (dinner)/ get ready for bed
7 bottle then down for bed

Schedule for 7 month to 11-15 month old child (2 nap schedule):
7am up/ bottle/ play (breakfast 8:30am)
10-10:30am bottle then nap
12-12:30pm up/ play (Lunch)
1:30pm bottle/ play
2:30-3pm Nap
4-5pm up/ bottle/ play
6pm (Dinner)
7pm Bottle/ bed
* Note: If your child has dropped the bottle during this time then ignore the bottle times.
Schedule for one nap a day:
By the time you go to one nap a day you should have the rest of your schedule or routine down fairly well. Keep in mind the most times when you go down to one nap a day they usually start somewhere between 11am and 1pm, and last 2-3 hours on average. Again try to adjust it to fit your families lifestyle.