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Thanksgiving and Pictures!

Well we all went to the lake house for Thanksgiving. It was the triplets, Miche, Michael, myself and then his parents, his brother and sister in law, their two teenagers, with two other guests. It was pretty packed house but everyone seemed to have a great time.

Here are some pictures of our weekend. More will be posted in the Gallery under: Thanksgiving 2011

thanksgiving2011 005

thanksgiving2011 019

Caitlin with her cousin Jake! 


thanksgiving2011 036

Haley with Daddy!


thanksgiving2011 042

Caitlin playing on the rocking horse (back porch)


thanksgiving2011 142

Haley carrying her riding toy lol


thanksgiving2011 159

Criton throwing leaves off the porch… Such a big helper


thanksgiving2011 178

Criton… such a cutie!


thanksgiving2011 195

The triplets playing by the little cabin.


thanksgiving2011 201

Caitlin (on the left) and Haley (on the right) running down the hill 🙂


thanksgiving2011 211

Haley protecting her sticks lol

thanksgiving2011 220

Criton playing in the leaves…

thanksgiving2011 228

Then the girls…

thanksgiving2011 251

Then everyone!

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and took away a lot of great memories like we did!