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Geeky Guys: The Better Choice?

Ok, so this is not toddler related but something that I was thinking about the other day. My husband and I started watching “The Big Bang Theory.” A TV comedy about a group of really smart geeky guys, basically just trying to get through life and find love (well most of them). If you have not seen it I highly recommend it. It is hilarious!

Anyway, they are very awkward when it comes to relationships but their dream is to find that someone special. This is the case for most guys I know who are smart and lean toward the geeky side. Yes, they are a little off when it comes to social norms. Sometimes their humor is way off, even though it makes sense to them. They may be into all sorts of “different” things such as gaming, role playing, learning for fun, building models, and things of that nature (but lets be honest, they probably think they same thing about your interests/hobbies). Here is the thing though… as far as relationships go, they are more likely to treat you with kindness and respect, not cheat, really listen to what you have to say, be supportive, and love you for you because they are just so happy to be with someone they care about and know that isn’t something that comes around everyday. They don’t take relationships for granit like so many other people. These really smart people are also more likely to be very successful and manage their money well. 

So before you quickly dismiss or ignore a somewhat awkward geeky guy, just because that is what he is, perhaps you should look closer. You just never know what might be there. It could be the greatest relationship you have ever had. Take the time to get to know them. 

To my own Geeky Husband: I love you more then words can say. You have shown me a whole different side to life and it has changed me forever. I am a better person for having known you and hope we will share many more decades together living, laughing, and learning.