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Kawaii Diaper Review: Comparison to Blueberries

This is a review of the Kawaii Snazzy Minky Diaper, and a comparison to the Blueberry pocket diapers. 

As I have said before, when we started doing cloth diapers a couple of weeks ago we started with Blueberry pockets with hemp inserts and some homemade diapers. A few days later we won an ebay lot from Kawaii website (they do some ebay auctions as well as selling through their site). I bought 24 Minky Snazzy Diapers and 48 inserts for $98 with free shipping. It took 8 days for them to arrive since they are in the BC province of Canada and we are in Kentucky, but still it wasn’t a long time to ship.

Here is a picture of the ones I got (4 of each).


While I waited for their arrival, I read and watched a ton of reviews on these diapers. Mostly good, some were not so good. Here is my initial review of the diapers and also a comparison to our blueberry diapers we have been using:


Kawaii Diapers Review


I was thrilled when the got here and immediately started to prep them (one wash). It was late in the day so I didn’t get to start using them until right before bedtime. This made me a little nervous because we have been battling leaks overnight with the blueberries and it took an extra soaker plus the hemp inserts to get them through. The kids have also been fighting me tooth and nail with the diaper changes using the blueberries. 

The kids fought me a little the first time I put them in the Kawaiis but not once after that. They have happily come up to me when it is time to change or when they want to be changed. There isn’t any fighting or squirming which has been a dramatic change. So I would say from their point of view, they really like these ones. My husband also feels they are acting much happier in them and move more easily with them. I want to go over some of the physical differences first and then go into the overall review of the Kawaii diapers.

The first thing I noticed was how super soft it was. It was very similar to some of the “furry/ silky” baby blankets. Here is a close up picture of one to help you see some of the texture.


The next thing I noticed was the back pocket opening where you stuff the inserts has an extra flap to help hold the insert in place. This first picture is of the Kawaii Pocket area:


This next picture is of the pocket area in the Blueberry diapers:


It does make a difference, and the flap is not nearly as bulky/ loose as the blueberries. Love it!

The next thing I want to talk about is the inside fleece lining. Now Haley has super sensitive skin. She gets bad eczema in the colder weather and is more prone to get diaper rashes. Also her diaper rashes have always been horrible when she gets them. A few days before we got the Kawaii diapers, Haley got a bad diaper rash and we were trying everything to clear it up. One day after being in the Kawaiis and it is almost fully cleared up. Now some will say it was from a reaction to the blueberries but if it was, then it would have shown up a lot sooner. I think a large part of it had to do with the inside lining. The blueberry lining is thin and after several washings is a little on the rough side in my opinion. The Kawaii diapers however are thicker and super super soft in comparison. The first picture is of the inside lining of the Kawaii:


You will also notice the strip of different color material at the top. This is a leak guard to prevent spillage, especially with stomach sleepers (which all of mine are).

This next picture is of the Blueberry inside:


**You can also see the difference in the above pictures where I was showing you the pockets.

The next big difference is fitting around the legs and stomach, as well as, keeping the tabs in place. Criton is super skinny and tall. The girls are slimming down but still have chunky legs. So fitting them just right was a bit difficult with the blueberries. Also we found that the side tabs tend to fall/ slip down, especially at night. The Kawaii’s have an extra snap in the top of their tab to prevent this and it has worked beautifully. No more slippage. Also I have found that they fit much better around the leg area, as compared to the blueberries, and do not leave red marks on the kids like the blueberries did. Some reviews said they did not have leg adjustments snap features, which I can only conclude it was an earlier version. Below is a side by side picture of the top snaps in both the blueberries and the Kawaii’s:

(The blueberry diaper is on the top with yellow snaps and the Kawaii is on the bottom with white snaps)


Now for my overall assessment: The Kawaii are hands down the better cloth diaper in my opinion (and my kids). The first big use we did with them was an overnight after just one washing. The triplets are super heavy wetters and we had absolutely no leaks. I was amazed. 

They definitely hold more and we are going about an hour longer in-between changes. 

They are not as bulky as the blueberries, and they fit into all their regular clothing.

The fleece lining on the inside of the Kawaii’s is obviously less irritating on their skin and stays dryer better then the blueberries.

The snaps on the blueberries seem to come undone easier then the Kawaii’s especially in the rise area. Fortunately I don’t have to worry about doing the rise with Criton in the Kawaii’s to make the legs fit snuggly. To make his legs fit snuggly in the blueberries we always had to put him on the medium setting. I did still however have some occasional issues with a top snap coming undone during naps and overnight with the blueberries.

Cost: Yes this is the big kicker… I paid about $30 each for my Blueberries with hemp inserts. I paid about $4 a piece for my Kawaii’s. Everyone has heard the saying “You get what you pay for” meaning if it is cheap it is bad… That is absolutely NOT the case with Kawaii’s. They are great for those on tight budgets and the quality is outstanding. 

Some background info: My triplets are 21 months old. Criton is around 25lbs, and the girls are getting close to 30lbs. We just switched to cloth recently for several reason which you can read about in my other blog posts if you wish.

So, for us, a side by side comparison of these two diapers: Kawaii wins hands down. These are absolutely wonderful diapers. Whether you are on a strict budget or not, I highly, highly recommend Kawaii diapers. If you are considering switching to cloth or are going to do cloth from start, I really encourage you to check them out. 

You can go directly to their site and order there. There are various styles, prints, and diaper packages at super great prices! 

I am going to sell my Blueberries and stick strictly with Kawaii. Hopefully in a month or so I can get some of the Heavy Duty Kawaii diapers and I will do a review of those then.

If anyone is interested in which Blueberries we have here is a picture of the designs (their inserts are not in them here):


Note: I have not been paid in any way to do this Kawaii diapers review. I am just very passionate about this product and wanted to share with my readers. Hopefully this will help someone else.

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