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Cloth Diaper Adventures

So as everyone knows we started potty training awhile ago. After about a month of trying we were starting to have some success but then the kids got sick. Lots of diarrhea and general unhappiness from a bad stomach bug. We went back to diapers for awhile because they were not into it at all during this time. After a few weeks we tried to go back to potty training but I was getting a lot of resistance and crying, so we decided to hold back for awhile.

This lead me down a whole other path though. We had thought about cloth diapering the kids before they were born but the amount of work was overwhelming (at least in my mind). After the month of potty training though, the amount of laundry/ work wasn’t really that bad. So a couple of weeks ago (when the kids revolted on the potty training) I decided it was the direction I wanted to head. If nothing else it will save some money. Michael hates the thought of spending over $2000/ year on something we just throw out so he is completely on board.

So I tried to make my own. I researched, got patterns and material, and set out on this new path. I did get three Blueberry diapers for night time though. Making my own did not turn out to great. I know a lot of mom’s who have had success this way but I was not one of them. They tend to leak a lot no matter what I do.

I did however come across a brand of cloth diapers that fit into our tight budget. Kawaii Diapers. They are a brand from Canada, extremely inexpensive as far as cloth diapers go, and has tons of great reviews. I found an auction on ebay for 24 diapers with 48 inserts for $98. To my surprise and immense relief we actually won! I was on pins and needles for the last 5 mins, convinced I wouldn’t win. The auction was done by TheLuvYourBaby store. Their prices on the site are equally wonderful and they have package deals there too. I highly recommend checking them out if you are thinking about going to cloth.

My shipment of “fluffy” mail should be here any day now and I am super excited. I will post pictures and do a full review of these diapers when they arrive. Until then I am continuing to use my “leaky” diapers during the day and the Blueberry pocket diapers at night and for naps.

To moms of multiples out there: I know the thought of cloth diapers while they are in the newborn to first 6-12 months can be overwhelming to think about. It was for me. I was barely able to do anything through the sleep deprivation. Don’t give up the thought though! Maybe waiting until they are sleeping through the night or around age one would be easier. Some things to consider are : Cloth diapered children usually potty train earlier (so no more diapers). If you are on a tight budget and need to cut down costs this would definitely help in the long run. Cleaning them is not hard or time consuming at all, it’s actually pretty easy. 

So the question a lot of people wonder: Do I feel like a potty training failure? Not at all. They showed interest, we gave it a shot, things happened. When they are ready again I am sure they will jump right into it. They are into so many other things right now and their speech is absolutely booming lately, so perhaps they are becoming more focused on those things. So to those who have tried potty training early and not had great success, it’s ok. Let the kids enjoy themselves and continue learning other things. They will get there. Neither you or they are failures.