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Morning Fun

What a morning! The kids were in high spirits today. We got up, dressed, had breakfast, and headed out to the park. Now this seemed like a good idea at the time, and one we have done most mornings for the past few weeks. The kids love to be outside and it really helps to curb the boredom factor that has started to set in at home.

It was chilly and foggy, so we bundled up. What I wasn’t expecting… The dew on the playground equipment and slides were so thick it was like it just rained. My first initial thought was “This may not be a good idea.” The kids initial thought “This is going to be great!” With a gleam in their eye and glee’s of laughter they started heading up to go go slide. Haley went down the slide first and the whole front of her pants were wet. She looked down at them, looked up at me, and got this huge confused look on her face. After a few mins she continued back up the stairs to play but never went down the slide again. Criton was the second one to go down. Same effect but he started walking with stiff legs and spread apart hoping that would help. Then Caitlin went down. Normally she is very cautious and slows her decent with her hands but the dew made it too slick and she went flying down the slide. Scared her to death and started crying. About that time I decided that this was a really bad idea, got all the kids together and we walked back to the van. We changed clothes and headed to the store.

Once we got home the kids had a snack and then we ran around playing tag. It is so cute to watch the running after each other laughing and carrying on. They do this on average twice a day. Once they started wearing down from that Haley and Criton sat on the couch relaxing, so Caitlin dragged one of their totes full of toys next to the couch. She then proceeded to pile the toys on top of them, clapping and saying “yay!” each time she did it. So cute!

They must have worn themselves out though because at 11:30 everyone was heading to their room, crawling in their beds, and covering up with blankets. Normally their nap isn’t until noon but I went ahead and let them go down early.

Wonder what this afternoon is going to be like…