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Best Toddler Toys 2011

I thought with the Holidays coming up I would post a few toys that the kids love and has really helped kept them occupied so I can get some stuff around the house done.  

Best Toddler Toys

First is bath crayons. My kids would fight me tooth and nail at bath time. It seems like they would have a fleet of bath toys but were still unhappy. It was suggested to try bath crayons and it changed everything for us. Not only does it distract them from the bath but they get to get creative and color everywhere. They are easy to clean up to!


For the walkers out there! This popper toy is great. It encourages them to run around, it makes noise that they love, and it is not expensive. My kids like to get them out when I am vacuuming or cleaning the rugs and pretend they are helping.


Kids love music and making noise. This band set is great because they get to do both!


If you are like me and love to cook, sometimes getting into the kitchen with your little ones can be difficult. This is especially true if they are at the age where they want to help, but are a little too young to. Having the play kitchen inside my kitchen has been a dream. I go in there to fix dinner or bake and the kids go in and play with their kitchen. We chat, they show me what they are making, and we both get what we need.