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The Only Boppy: Best baby sleep positioner for Reflux

Does your infant love to sleep in a Boppy but slides down a lot? Does your infant have reflux?

Here is your solution. This Boppy is the best on the market. It has all the normal features of a regular Boppy but also has a safety pouch that your baby sits in. That means your child will stop slipping down into it and possibly get smothered. This was a big concern for us. Our triplets had reflux, and one the things to help elevate their pain was to prop them up after they ate and when they slept. 

Baby Sleep Positioner

We tried the regular Boppies but they would always slip down in them as they slept. We would find them with their chins to their chest and the last straw was when I found one child almost underneath the Boppy. So I started hunting for a way to keep them comfortable AND safe. That’s when I ran across this Boppy. You can use it with or without the seat. The seat was soft and didn’t hinder them, but also kept them in the perfect position in the Boppy.

So if you are looking for the best Boppy out there, and the safest, I highly recommend getting this one. Click the link below to get all the information on it.