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Potty Training Triplets

Potty training triplets can be a scary phrase for some parents. How and when are the two most common words that pop into their mind when they thing about it. Although in the US the average child is potty trained around 3 years old, the rest of the world’s average age is 18 months.  There is a lot of research that shows that starting potty training between 18 month to 24 months is the best time. So no matter when you start here are a few tips to get you started. 



How to Potty Train a Toddler:

  1. Know their potty sign:Every child will give off subtle signs that they are about to go. Some might cry or yell right before hand because they can feel it and are not sure what to do. Some may look down or touch themselves right before hand because they feel it. They may have a certain stance, and then some may try to hide in a corner or behind a chair. You just have to find your child’s tell tell signs.

  1. Try to keep them in one area. We shut all the bedroom doors and made it so the living room was their only big accessible area since I was training triplets at the same time. If you just have one toddler then you may not need to do this since you can follow them all day and not have to worry about watching others.

  1. Praise Praise Praise…It doesn’t have to be anything huge or crazy but let them know you are proud of them when they go in the potty.

  1. Patients. I have read tons out there, mostly geared towards 3-4 year olds,and one thing I know for sure, we are not 3 day potty trainers. When training at a younger age or with multiples go in with mindset that potty training doesn’t happen overnight. You have to have patients with the process. You have to be prepared for your life to revolve around the potty when the kids are not asleep. Just know that it will happen. Life will get back to normal and your kids will be diaper free!

  1. Underwear or bare bottom:Ok there are pluses and minuses to both and you have to figure out what works best for you and your child/ children. Underwear helped a little in making the kids more “comfortable” since we have never run around naked before. It also made it very hard though with getting them to and on the potty when they started to go.

  1. The reward system works. I highly suggest doing one treat for just sitting down and trying and another for when they actually potty. If you are concerned about all that sugar (as I was) then chose something healthy they love as the “sitting down” treat,like the fruit, and a special treat (like gummy bears) for when they go on the potty. Be consistent.

  1. For at least the first few hours, have them sit on the potty every 15-30 minutes. It not only helps detour some messes but also helps them learn to head to the potty.

  1. Don’t scold or yell for messes but just say in a bland way “It’s ok, but we need to try to go in the potty next time.” If you yell or get upset they will start to regress and hide when they have accidents.

  2. Just because you have set back like this,don’t assume the worst…

    The first hour was bad. Caitlin and Criton had accidents, no one was coming to me when they needed to go or giving their signs. I truly thought we were back at the beginning, but then something miraculous happened. Criton started coming up to me and the potty whining. He was actually making a move to let me know he had to pee before he did! I was shocked and tried not to get too excited since it was the first time it happened. He continued on this trend though and didn’t have any accidents for the rest of the morning! He did have a poopy accident right before nap time and was really upset about it but I told him accidents happen, cleaned him up, and got ready for nap time.”

  3. If you can avoid any type of vacation/ trip until they have a good grasp on potty training, do it. Don’t put  yourself or them through that kind of stress.
  4. Ditch the diapers. Some will get rid of diapers completely and some will keep them for naps and bedtime. You have to figure out what works best for you. During the day, while they are awake though, you have to get rid of the diapers. Going back and forth only confuses them and will prolong the process. If you are going out I highly suggest you get Gerber Training Pants (6-pairs), 18 Months, Boy’s Colors, – Fits 24-28 lbs.Potty Training Pants) and Gerber Brand 2 Pack White Waterproof PEVA Pant , 2T  . They absorb messes really well and makes for less clothing changes if accidents happen. The link above is the only one I have found the small size (18 months). Take extra clothing with you for emergencies, and you may even want to keep a potty chair in your vehicle.