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Changes Are Coming

There are going to be some major changes to our blog! This blog mainly started out as a way to communicate all the babies progress to family/ friends and for me to keep track of everything to look back on later. Over the last two years it has grown to a lot more though.

Through all of our trial and errors, research, and talking with other moms I have gained a lot of knowledge (and continue to) that has helped a lot of other parents. It becomes tedious work though to sift through and search blogs for specific information. So we felt the only thing to do was another revamp, but this time we are doing a whole new format.

The blog will continue on and all the previous blogs will be there as well. Here are some of the added features that will make this more user friendly for our readers:

There will be two menu bars at the top of the page. One will be all blog information. One link will take you to all the pregnancy blogs, one will take you to 0-12 month old blogs, and so on. We thought splitting it up this way would be easier for people to find the time frame they are looking for instead of guessing by month and year. Also there will be a Gallery link that will take you to our new gallery of pictures.

The other menu bar will have our Preferred Products link filled with reviews of products we loved, links, and pictures. It will also have a Parents Articles section. This section is my main reason for changing everything. Here you will find detailed articles on things like colic, infant reflux, Sleeping through the night, starting baby food-finger foods, potty training, switching from crib to toddler bed, dropping a nap, switching to sippy cups, and much more. It will give you useful information, solutions, and how to’s. This section will continue to grow as the kids do.

Another big feature is that it can be accessed and viewed properly on your phone! So you can get all this information via your phone if you are on the go, or if your kids are like mine and won’t let you near a computer while they are up.

There will be a lot more but this just gives you a taste of what is coming. We are hoping to launch sometime next week but I will give a 24 hour notice before we make the switch.