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Happy Birthday Babies!

Today is the babies first Birthday. Due to weather and such, we did just a day at home with Michael, Miche, the babies, and myself. We decided to do another party on Saturday with the grandparents. I know some people have huge parties, but for their first birthdays I have always kept it small and just immediate family for my kids.

We had a wonderful day. Got up with the kids, opened some presents, and then finger painted with pudding. It was very messy but a lot of fun. I would recommend waiting on this activity if you are planning a day of pictures. The kids got it all in their hair, and despite the cleaning, their hair was a crazy mess the rest of the day…lol. We will be posting pictures and videos throughout the weekend! Here are some pictures to get everyone started: Bday 1
Bday 2
Haley and Elmo (above) Pudding Finger Painting (below) Bday 3
Caitlin bday 4
Haley bday 5
Criton when he started…. bday 6
Criton at the end of pudding play… He had to have a before and after shot. He was covered with it!! Cupcake time
The kids awaiting cupcakes…. Cupcakes1
Caitlin Triplets Blog 2
Haley triplets blog 3
Criton Triplets blog 4
Criton Triplets blog 5
Haley Triplets blog 7
Criton… he is our messiest eater by far! triplets blog 8
Haley… mildly messy but not bad Triplets Birthday
Caitlin… she is our neat freak triplets birthday 1
The Girls triplets blog 9