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Christmas Pictures!

Hope everyone had a great and loving Christmas! We had a wonderful one. The Grandparents (Michael’s parents)  came over Christmas eve. We had a chili dinner and let the kids have some presents. Then Christmas day we went to their house, opened the rest, and had a wonderful ham dinner. It was really good to have all of us there together for the kids first Christmas.

I was a little sad that my BIL an his family was not able to be there, but I understand. Hopefully next year we can all be together! Here are some Photos from the event. There will be more pictures inside the gallery area (very top of the page is a “gallery” button to get you there).  It’s too bad Miche was not being very camera happy… I’ll have to get some new ones of her next week! dadgrampkidsMichael, Grandpa, and the triplets in their Christmas pjs (Criton in front of Michael, Haley in the center, and Caitlin standing).



Haley in the center doing the Little Einstein…lol.



The kids Playing with their new riding toys! Caitlin is the one in the back riding the toy, Haley is front/ left standing next to the toy, and then Criton is standing on his own, about to go steal Haley’s toy…lol


caitlinCaitlin in her Christmas dress trying to act innocent as she escapes to the kitchen.



Dad scooped her up for some cuddle time!


criton Criton in his Christmas sweater… wonder if that will be a tradition?


The kids checking out their new toy box…. inside and out! (Criton on the left, Haley in the middle, and Caitlin on the right) Question… Why does Haley always seem to be in the middle? A side note about the toy box: This thing is huge! got it home and tried to put all the toys into it tonight…. epic fail!  They have too much stuff to all fit in there. Solution: I am going to split up the toys and have some down in the living room and a set upstairs in their room, since we are starting to spend some time upstairs now too.