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Best Sippy Cups for Babies – Spout vs Straw sippy cup


My husband and I did have a debate on the sippy cups though and it is one I have seen on a lot of forum boards. Spout vs Straw… It turns out that the straw sippy cup is the best type of sippy to use. The help to strengthen mouth and tongue muscles which help in speech development. 

There are several other key points that you can read about in the article I found Here

Below is our sippy saga: Sippies come in two forms. The first being the spout, also known as the regular or original sippy The second type of sippy is the straw sippy. For those of you who have not seen these or have no idea what I am talking about: it is a sippy cup that the child drinks through a straw instead of tipping up the cup and drinking through the spout end. We started out with the regular sippy design with handles, and the kids just didn’t get it.

They would play with them, throw them around, chew on the end, but wouldn’t tip them up to drink. I was told to try several different spout types to find one they liked. Our second set of sippies had more of a bottle-like spout. Still nothing. This time they wouldn’t even really play with them. In search of a sippy they would use I decided to go to Babies R Us. I spent about 20 minutes staring and going through all the different sippy cup types.

Best Sippy Cups

Then I found one made by Playtex. It was a straw sippy with handles. After much debate I decided to try it. They loved them from the start! It didn’t take any time at all for them to get the hang of drinking through a straw. Also this particular sippy you are able to squeeze the bottom to help show the baby what to do.

Now they primarily drink from that sippy and only get bottles in the morning and bedtime. They have been phasing out the bottles on their own. They just seem to prefer to drink from the sippy cups.  My hope is to have them completely off the bottle by their first birthday and drinking all their milk/ drinks from the sippies.

Best Sippy Cups for Babies: Playtex straw with handles sippy cup